Friday, November 27, 2009

Faces of Shelter Dogs

I have gotten to know each and every one of these dogs. They have feelings, thoughts, personalities, and pasts unique to each one. All are inherently, valuable beings who deserve to be happy, live, and be loved by someone. People are breeding these dogs and it is our ethical and moral responsibility to see that they are taken care of throughout their lives. It is inexcusable that they are tossed out onto the street, no where to go but here, where their life will be cut short after only a few days due to lack of homes. A dog will be euthanized if not adopted whether they are 10 years old or 6 months old. This tragedy must end and I'm asking everyone to help. Adopt from a shelter or rescue, volunteer with a shelter or rescue or simply educate someone who is unaware of this enormous and still growing problem.


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