Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puppy Mill Dog Poem

I sat inside the mill so long, I thought the sky was black. Then one day rescue came for me and I'm not looking back. Now I live in foster care with many friends I played, there were many pillows everywhere in which I always layed. I waited there for quite a while, yet no one seemed to care, being old is difficult and sometimes so unfair. Now I stand beside the Lord his hand pressed on my head, he said he couldn't bear to watch and took me up instead. A tear was falling down his cheek and then he softly said, dogs were my great gift to man yet they abuse instead. He then began to tell me that he hoped that man would "see" and open up their arms with love for seniors just like me. Rather disappointed that again nobody came, he said he taught man better, then shook his head in shame.

Seniors Make Wonderful Pets


Klaud said...

Who wrote this poem? I really need to know for an English Assignment.

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