Saturday, November 21, 2009

Adopting From Rescue

Adopting from Rescue is a very different experience from shelter adoptions. Their goal is to find forever homes for dogs, cats and other animals using a process that ensures the happiness of the family and the pet. Animals from rescue live in foster homes while in rescue care. This allows the potential adopter to contact the foster family and obtain valuable information about the pet in which they have interest. The foster family can provide information on temperament, whether the animal can live with other dogs and/or cats and how it reacts towards children of different ages. The foster family also provides house training, training in manners and will work on any other behavior issues the dog/cat may exhibit. The rescue group provides all veterinary care including, spay and neuter, vaccinations, etc. up to and including very expensive treatments for any medical issues at hand. Prior to adoption the dog or cat's needs are met and included in the adoption fee. An application form must be filled out and most rescues require a home visit to ensure the home the pet will live in is acceptable. They require a veterinary reference as well as a personal reference. Many rescue groups are breed specific, so if you are interested in a particular breed they can provide lots of information to ensure the breed is right for your family. One of the best ways to find a rescue in your area is This website will provide you with not only dogs and cats, but birds, small animals and animals of all kinds all over the country. Another advantage of adopting from rescue is if for any reason your family can no longer care for your pet, they will take the animal back and find another wonderful forever home for your pet. As opposed to a shelter, there are many advantages to utilizing rescue for adoption and can be a very informative way to find the best possible pet for your family.

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