Sunday, November 15, 2009

My First Foster

Dear Ashton,
I saw you at the shelter one day. You were huddled in the corner, so afraid of everything. You wouldn't come near the cage door to greet any visitor, too scared and not knowing what was going to happen to you. Day after day went by and nothing changed. You still couldn't understand your circumstances and why you were there. No one paid any attention to you, only I came to visit you. I took you out of your cage to walk in the yard. You were timid but sweet and let me pet you. I picked you up and held you for a while telling you everything would be ok. I knew after many days gone by that not a single person was going to give you a chance. Finally I took you home. Oh how happy you became after only one day. We took walks together, you met my cats, you met all my other dogs. How incredible it was to find you, your personality so sweet, totally housebroken from day one, very loyal and affectionate. So many people don't realize how any family can find such a great dog in an animal shelter.

My dear first foster. I love you Ashton.

Adopt from you local animal shelter or rescue.


Mr. Kevin Richards said...

It's amazing the beautiful sweet dogs you can find at a shelter. I see this first hand because my friend fosters and gives these animals homes when no one else can or will. Shelters are filled with millions of dogs. "DON'T BUY A DOG" Please adopt from a shelter.

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