Friday, December 4, 2009

As Close As It Gets!

I passed by cage #21 and there sat an 8 month old black labrador mix. His face was all patchy from hair loss due to a skin condition that appeared to be healing. Unfortunately, he was passed by again and again because of his unattractive face and sat at the shelter for many, many days.
A few minutes after passing him by, a visitor came up to me and asked to see the dog in cage #21. I was happy and hopeful. We walked toward the cage and he was gone. I grabbed an officer and asked where the dog was. She immediately called on her radio to another area of the shelter and we were informed that the dog was in the euthanization room under sedation just about to be euthanized! Incredibly the procedure was stopped! This sweet young loving adorable funny faced lab was adopted by a wonderful woman and saved at the last possible second.

This is as close as it gets.


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