Friday, May 7, 2010

So Many Shelter Dogs

Shelters are FILLED with Pit Bulls. They are not crazy dogs ready to attack. They are not mean dogs ready to fight other dogs. That's what many people think. And what are people doing? Breeding and selling thousands, upon thousands of these dogs. Why? For money. And thousands upon thousands are ending up in shelters and ultimately euthanized because people are afraid of them, or are not allowed to own them, and because it's impossible to find enough homes for them. I have walked through the kennels of a shelter now for almost a year, interacting with these Pits, looking into the eyes of hundreds of these so-called dangerous attack dogs, and I have found them to be loving, kind, extraordinary dogs that are NO DIFFERENT from any other loving, family pet. Look at their faces. Do you see a mean dangerous dog in these photos? All of these dogs were euthanized for no other reason than no home.


Anonymous said...

i want them all. all of them i wan

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